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The negative expression of Aquarius energy can be guarded, detached, destructive, out-of-touch, irrational, and desperate. No surprise that author Ayn Rand, founder of the Objectivist movement, was born under this sign.

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Objectivism has been a major influence on the Libertarian movement, which has a real Aquarian flavor. The other two air Signs are Gemini and Libra. Aquarius people are the visionaries of the zodiac, dreaming up quirky utopias and alternative realities that can shake up the status quo. Under the influence of an Aquarius planetary cycle, we might find ourselves joining a new social group, getting involved in social justice or using science and technology to better advance humankind.

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Uranus is the planet that rules emotional detachment, unpredictable energy and rebellion. He hated their children and imprisoned the youngest ones in the earth where they tormented Gaia. She made a sickle and asked her children to castrate Uranus. Being very sociable, they can drift towards groups when working and in their social lives rather than having one or two friends. They like to experience new things, and will always be the first to try something novel. Their eccentric and empathetic nature leads them to be great advice givers, always happy and excited to help those in need as well as to have a listening ear.

They make great friends, and work hard so that more introverted signs can come out of their shells. Their curiosity with the world and energy mean that they are always willing to accompany friends into new adventures, and are always up for the next exciting experience. They are also generous givers, so if you are ever in need, an Aquarian will not hesitate to share whatever they have with you. In an effort to once again be noticed, their peculiarity may be even more noticeable.

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Sometimes, the seem almost to enjoy the confusion they cause with their peculiar observations. Their eccentricity can mean that their behavior sometimes borders on the bizarre - and they enjoy the shock that comes with expressing them. Sometimes this may be entertaining, but it is not always productive. Due to their friendly and giving natures, those under the Aquarius zodiac sign can sometimes be taken advantage of.

They also need to put aside time for themselves, and reflect on their own inner world, as focusing on others can take a lot of energy out of them. They do have a tendency to get bored easily if they are not stimulated enough by their own social lives. They like to be active, both mentally and physically and as such they may be filled with an anxious and nervous energy. Get the Claves Astrologicae, a card astrology oracle deck.

Use the zodiac, the planets, the houses and the phases of the moon to guide you. When it comes to love and relationships, Aquarians can be great partners - as long as they feel they are not trapped.

Because they expect and need their own freedom and privacy, they are also just as giving of that freedom to their partners. They are rarely ever the type to get jealous or nag you repeatedly about something, rather choosing to give you your own time. You may find that some of them have difficulties in commitment - this is the aloofness and the guardedness in their personalities. Because they crave stimulation, they seem sometimes to be drawn to what is mysterious in love and relationships - looking to solve the riddle.

Once they do commit however, they tend to be very loyal, the more empathetic and vulnerable side of their characters being open to you. In love, they desire intellectual stimulation and friendship above all - and in partners they search for those that are not just lovers, but best friends too. A relationship with someone born under the Aquarius zodiac sign can be filled with surprises; their love of life means that yours too will be fun, exciting and unusual.

Aquarians, being one of the friendliest and most outgoing zodiac signs, tend to be surrounded by friends and can be quite popular.

Aquarius Sex

She is truthful, independent and compassionate. She always tries to look at the larger picture, and will not shy away from taking the responsibility to work for the benefit of society. She can be rather unpredictable and impractical, and keeping up with her may become too difficult for others.

One needs a lot of patience to understand her. But when they get her emotional space, getting along with the Aquarius woman becomes easy. An Aquarius woman sets the bar really high, and expects the same from others.

Aquarius Woman Traits and Characteristics

This is why the she gets emotionally disappointed easily. She is intelligent and a born leader. Team-work interests her a lot. She can be a great asset to the firm she works for. Professional and social position and power attract her more than riches. Though she prefers a comfortable lifestyle, she rarely runs after money. Not the type to take half-hearted measures, she loves to test her limits and reach great heights regardless of the possible financial gains.

She lives by her own rules. She believes in peaceful coexistence and would never impose her views on others. Just from the first paragraph alone, it should go without argument that the best representative of the Aquarian woman is Oprah Winfrey who was born on 29 January How does one describe Oprah Winfrey? These adjectives may not be enough to encapsulate what Ms.

Winfrey has done in show business and for her various advocacies.

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Oprah serves as an inspiration as one who rose from poverty and hardship to become one of the most influential people in the world. Oprah has dedicated her life to help impoverished children and women in third world nations find education. Aquarians are usually very fast learners and will leave no stone unturned to achieve success in their chosen field. They pick up general concepts and ideas extremely easily — often just by speaking to someone for a few moments. They love to challenge the rules braving to go against the social norm.

Original in their ways of thinking, they are frequently deemed as idealists and rebels with a cause. They are progressive thinkers and ultramodern in their techniques. As they require intellectual stimulation, they are at their best when their pursuits give them the chance to express their brilliant memory, creativity, knowledge, wisdom and love for freedom and humanitarian causes.

Characteristics of Aquarius Female

Careers in television, radio, science, astrology, astronomy, Information technology, archaeology, aviation, space programs and charity organizations are perfect for this sign. When in love Aquarius is communicative, imaginative, witty, candid and friendly.

Spending time with this intelligent person will be fun as an Aquarius will always come up with great ideas to have a good time. They are faithful, especially when they have found their soul-mates. They are supportive of independent partners because they themselves guard their independence fiercely. They motivate their partners to search for better job opportunities or to take up advanced courses or refresher courses that can help them to get a better job position; they overlook conventional options and aim for a better tomorrow.

Oftentimes, it is a wonderful trait which always keeps a relationship fresh and new. Sometime though, it can be frustrating and seem insincere. Crowding and restricting an Aquarian will often cause an Aquarian to run off in search of more freedom, space and an environment which better tolerates their unpredictable and very independent nature. Love is universal and selfless to the humanitarians of the Zodiac. Worst matches are Taurus and Scorpio. As Aquarius is said to govern the legs from knees to ankles and the circulation of blood.

Its natives are susceptible to ailments particularly in the legs and ankles, such as cramps, and are also liable to spasmodic and nervous complaints, as well as wind, catarrh, diarrhea, dropsy, goiter and delirium tremens. They should have a diet which consists of substances that are good for their circulatory system and keep their blood sugar level in check. Walnuts, ocean fish, pears, lemons, oranges, apples, oysters, radishes, corn, peaches, lobster, lettuce, tuna, clams and grapefruit are good for them.

Lucky days for Aquarians are Sunday and Saturday. The colors that are known to be lucky are blue, blue-green, gray and black. Have you met an Aquarian? Do you have Aquarians friends? Are you an Aquarian yourself? We would love to hear everything you know about Aquarius traits and share your opinions with us, using the comments module below.