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Their demeanor is more or less philosophical.

They find great pleasure in being able to argue with and govern others. They can easily be successful as a lawyer, journalist, writer or polemicist. They can also achieve excellent results teaching philosophy, history or religion, but more with older people than youngsters.

They would like to help the needy and support the suffering; among people born today we find those fighting for progress. They will quickly grow interested in public matters and gather all the necessary information. Very sensible about their plans. Their theories are not derived solely from books, but also from having direct contact with suffering people.

Their flaws. They often show too much willfulness and excessive independence, as well as indifference to the matters of other people.

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Their spirit is eager to fight and quite quarrelsome, the mind — insightful and witty. They are generally a restless person, an enthusiast. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Sagittarians are truth-seekers. They tell it to you straight and blunt. Their thoughts turn to actions and their actions turn to accomplishments. They seek wisdom and truth in everything they are involved in and need to have interactions with others in order to feel balanced.

They have the energy that allows them to achieve anything they set their minds to. Sagittarians are adventurous and like taking risks.

Their goal is to travel and never stay in one place too long as they are restless and full of energy. They cannot stay still and are easily bored. The Sagittarian has a thirst for everything that is new and unknown.

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People born under the Sagittarius sign are philosophical by nature. The have the ability to say what other people are afraid to say, and do not worry about being politically correct. They are hard people to win over and challenging to get to know and understand.

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They gain their wisdom and knowledge from their love of adventure and the ability to see the bigger picture. The Sagittarian man is intelligent, well-traveled and well-read. He is overconfident by nature and has to be careful as to not make wrong decisions. He is a good mate and he appreciates love and commitment in his partner.

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He is drawn to everything that is new and different. The female Sagittarian has a friendly nature, a kind heart, and looks for the good in everything.

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She has a vibrant disposition and refuses to dwell in the past. The female Sagittarian is charitable and kind and would give her heart out without hesitation.