February 24 taurus astrology

In the meantime, take it easy in love, and let a partner off the hook.

Taurus - Capricorn Love Horoscope & Compatibility on Tuesday, November 12,

Planetary activity influencing the summit of your solar chart starts you thinking about what you can do to improve your lot. As the ancient sages said: know thyself. Horoscope Today, February 18, check astrology prediction. The Moon is a continuing supportive influence for all you oh-so-sensitive Cancerians, and should at the very least give you some faith in the truth of your feelings. Set some time aside to check out your financial situation, particularly joint finances. The facts are confusing and, in the final analysis, the strength of your personal judgment is everything.

At home, children need your support. The Moon is now challenging your sign, a fair enough indication that other people, perhaps family members, may be standing in your way. If so, ask yourself what you can get from it.

For a start, other people may be enabling you to buy time, essential if you are to change your mind. Your perfect planets will be moving into a strident and possibly confrontational but definitely positive set of alignments over the coming week. However, properly handled, each little difficulty will lead to a truly splendid new personal opportunity. Seize your opportunities now, while you have the chance.

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When new responsibilities do come your way, they will probably concern children or younger relations, and should be well within your control. You might see ways to use the wealth of others to benefit.

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Meanwhile, passionate romance will be so romantic, it is the stuff of movies! You might want to divulge certain feelings, or perhaps they feel the need and you will lend a sympathetic ear? Either way, there will be a warm bond established. If so, you will try to help them if you can.

Others will spend time daydreaming and conjuring up fantasies and wonderful ideas because your imagination is in overdrive today. This is a romantic date because you feel idealistic about love.

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Your muse is with you. Express your creative interests to please only yourself. You will feel sympathetic about children. You might want to cocoon at home today because privacy and a chance to enjoy your own solitude will appeal to you. A discussion with a family member will arouse your sympathy for someone. If you can help this person — you will.

If shopping today, you will want to buy attractive items that appeal to your appreciation of beauty. You might also be tempted overspend money on gorgeous, luxurious, elegant items. Some of you will share what you have with someone who is less fortunate. A kind choice. Today the Moon is in your sign dancing with Neptune, which ignites your imagination and allows you to see the world around you with new eyes.

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You might spend time daydreaming or being lost in a fantasy world, but it will be a refreshing experience. Many of you will be attracted to spiritual subjects or feel more connected with an otherworldly element today. You might enjoy yoga, meditation or time spent by yourself because you feel gentle and quiet within yourself. This could be a journey of the unknown for some.

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Your interaction with a female friend will be warm and endearing today. You will quickly form a bond with this person because you feel a shared commonality. And indeed, we all have more in common than we do not because we are all in this Big Soup together.

You might appeal to a parent or boss or someone in a position of authority for sympathy or support today. Or perhaps you will make this appeal on behalf of someone else?